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AMDI | Autonomous Medical devices Incorporated

Sasha Perebikovsky

Alexandra Perebikovsky (Sasha) takes a hands-on approach as the VP of Immunochemistry Systems at AMDI. While her PhD is in physics, she loves working at the intersection of biology, engineering, and physics. During her graduate work, Sasha headed the centrifugal disk (CD) microfluidics team in Marc Madou's BioMEMS laboratory. Her research focused on using MEMS and microfluidics techniques for diagnostics and to develop smart stem cell scaffolds for regenerative medicine.

Apart from her graduate work, for the last decade Sasha's passion has been in building point-of-care diagnostic and centrifugal microfluidic systems that could replace traditional biomedical labs. She has authored more than 5 patents in the field and hasdeveloped devices at various medical diagnostic companies for nucleic acid detection, antibiotic susceptibility testing, and immunoassay development.

Alexandra Perebikovsky (Sasha)

Alexandra Perebikovsky (Sasha)
Vice President, Immunochemistry